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Abeer Albalawneh

Abeer Albalawneh is the director general’s consultant for the Environment and Water Issues in the Jordanian National Agricultural Research Center (NARC). previously was the Director of Environment and Climate Change Research Directorate at NARC. She holds a PhD in Bioenvironmental Systems Engineering from the National Taiwan University, Taiwan. She also holds the M.Sc. degree in Environmental science and management from University of Jordan, Jordan. Albalawneh is a Senior Expert Researcher and has 22 years of experience in the agricultural research sector at NARC. Her research interests include natural resource management, ecosystem services, climatic change, food security, and nonconventional water reuse for irrigation. During her research career, she has served as PI in four projects and main researcher in 15 projects. In the last five years she wrote more than 16 scientific papers published in the international peer-reviewed scientific journals. Since 2014 till now, Albalawneh has gained 1 international and 2 national awards.