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Jewish National Fund Special Event in Tucson Features IALC President, Emphasizes Work with JNF, Arizona

(4 February 1999)

Citizens of Tucson, Arizona, were treated to a very special event on 16 October 1998 when the Jewish National Fund (JNF) hosted a cocktail party for longtime Tucson residents Roy and Sally Drachman, due to be honored by the JNF in February 1999 with a "Tree of Life" dinner. With both Drachmans heavily involved in the environmental issues of the Middle East and American Southwest, a major theme of the evening was the special work of the IALC, and its relationship with The University of Arizona and the JNF.

Guests at the reception learned not only of the Drachmans' considerable contributions to the Tucson community and to Israel, but also of their commitment to supporting the environmental efforts of the JNF and IALC. Underscoring this message was IALC president Dr. Kennith Foster's speech on the connection among the IALC, JNF and The University of Arizona (where Dr. Foster is the director of the Office of Arid Lands Studies), introducing to many the Consortium's mission and goals. Dr. Foster further explained the unique role the IALC plays in managing fragile desert resources, utilizing as it does the considerable capabilities of its seven member institutions, and drawing together the U.S., Israeli and Arab scientific community in positive, productive discourse.