Jordan's HCST Becomes Full Member of IALC

Jordan's Higher Council for Science and Technology has become a full member. The Council had been an affiliate board member since 1993, along with Egypt's Ministry of Agriculture & Land Reclamation, Undersecretariat for Afforestation.

Jordan's board members will be HH Sharifa Zein bint Nasser and Mr. Mohammad Shahbaz. They both were present at the March 1999 board meeting where IALC president Dr. Kennith Foster noted the substantial contributions the Higher Council has made to the IALC's success.

"Jordan's Badia Research & Development Programme is a classic example of how demand management can positively affect the ecology of arid lands--we think the Higher Council's scientists and educators have a lot to offer to the IALC, and to the projects it sponsors," says IALC president Dr. Ken Foster.

Further information on the Higher Council is available from the Jordan Higher Council for Science and Technology web site at