Desert Flora Socioeconomic Impacts on Traditional & Modern Systems

Project Number: 
Project Duration: 
12 Months
May 1, 2002 to May 30, 2003
Institution of Principle Investigator while on this project: 
New Mexico State University

Investigators (most current known information)

Electronic Media Supervisor, New Mexico State University, Box 30003 - Dept 3AI, Las Cruces NM 88003
TEL: +1-575-646-5858, FAX: +1-575-646-2702, Email: (Information last revised: 12/5/1997)
Senior Producer, New Mexico State University, PO Box 30003, MSC3A1, Las Cruces NM 88003
TEL: +1-575-646-5657, FAX: +1-575-646-3513, Email:

Proposal Abstract

For thousands of years, people have experimented with plants as a way to cure sickness, conquer infection and increase longevity. Now, medical researchers are tapping into this vast, treasure trove of folk knowledge in their quest for modern drugs to fight cancer and other menacing diseases.

Ancient Roots, Modern Medicine is a three-part series that explores the amazing convergence of ancient healing arts with modern medical practices. These documentaries, produced by the award-winning Leading Object Media Group, present fascinating insights into cultures around the globe that still practice ancient ways. The series also tracks intrepid scientists in their exploration for new cures based on ancient medicinal plants. As the research moves forward, both the botanical wealth and traditional wisdom are under attack by human encroachment an environmental impacts of the 21st century. It is an epic struggleas science races against time.

A 2-Set DVD includes: Disc 1 – Jordan: The Middle East (28 min) and Borderlands: Mexico/USA (29 min); and Disc 2 – Curacao: The Caribbean (34 min) and Special Features (30 min).

Ancient Roots, Modern Medicine has won the attention of Tapestry International, Ltd. – a leading worldwide distribution group for scientific and related TV documentaries. New Mexico State University will need to remove all text from the documentary to allow the local stations to title and subtitle according to the local language. In addition, although the distribution agreements are still in the final stages of development, the Films for the Humanities & Sciences has expressed interest in distribution of the DVD to schools.

In addition to depending on commercial distribution, we have entered this program in over 20 film festivals, and promoted it at Real Screen, a market place for factual television programming. Finally, the IALC is distributing the series to their Member Institutions.



Gleason, J. 2004. Ancient Roots Modern Medicine; 2-Set DVDs. Disk 1: Jordan: The Middle East and Borderlands: Mexico/USA; Disk 2: Curacao The Carribean and Special Features. New Mexico State University. Las Cruces NM.


Support for this project came from the USDA Forest Service