Projects Funded by the IALC

Descriptions of research and demonstration projects, including project number, duration, start and end dates, investigator names and addresses, and either the original proposal abstract or the final report abstract.

Outcomes of completed projects are listed when available after the project abstract. These outcomes include articles in journals, books, DVDs and CD-ROMs, M.S. theses, Ph.D. dissertations, presentations, and Websites.

Also see the publications from the IALC Research and Demonstration Advisory Committee (RADAC).

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  • Habitat Restoration of the Western Negev's Sand-Dune Ecosystem (10R-12) (Proposal Abstract)
  • Mitigating Aeolian Erosion in Dry Aral sea Bed with Haloxylon Plantations (10R-05) (Proposal Abstract)
  • Modeling Soil-Water-Vegetation Response to Climatic Change (10R-09) (Proposal Abstract)

No projects funded