Badia's Center for Ecological Education (BCEE)

Initiative number: 00D-06
Initiative duration: 1 Year
Dates: June 1, 2000 to May 31, 2001

Principal Demonstrator

Ms. Ibtisam Younis (PD) - Finance & Int'l Cooperation Assistant, Badia Research & Development Programme, Higher Council for Science & Technology, PO Box 36 Jubaiha 19941, Amman JORDAN; TEL: 962-(6)-534-0401; FAX: 962-(6)-533-5284, EMAIL:

Final Report Abstract

With continuous changes in various parts of Jordan as a result of human activities expansion, coupled with the richness and uniqueness of ecological habitats, the need for an educational center to preserve the systems is in dire need. The main objectives for this center are directed towards the enhancement of public awareness among students (schools, universities and local people) about the wealth of our natural heritage in Jordan, and to keep and curate all representatives of the fauna and flora of the northeastern desert.

This will be implemented through maintaining live animal gardens in respect to habitat preference for some interesting species and by presenting lectures and producing educating materials to serve the public and visitors. Showing the diversity of desert animals of the Badia region and their life history, fortifying the conservation measures by public awareness and providing facilities for further eco- and ethological research are our long termed objectives.


Support for this initiative came from the USDA Forest Service.