Enhancing the BRDP Library, Jordan

Initiative number: 01S-01
Initiative duration: 12 Months
Start date: May 1, 2001 to April 29, 2002

Principal Demonstrator

Hutchinson, Barbara -- Librarian, Office of Arid Lands Studies, 1955 E 6th St, The University of Arizona, Tucson AZ 85719-5224, TEL: 520-621-8578, FAX: 520-621-3816, EMAIL: barbarah@ag.arizona.edu

Final Report Abstract

This project was accomplished in two parts. The first part provided introductory training to Salah Al-Khorman, Information and Database Specialist from the BRDP, in library and information technology. His training incorporated several site visits and discussions of library classification systems, circulation systems, online databases, electronic library catalogs, web searching strategies, acquisitions management, cataloging, reference, microforms, and informal and formal networking. Web site development was also introduced with comparisons of Macromedia Dreamweaver and Microsoft FrontPage software. The second part involved expanding the resources available in the BRDP Library. Toward this end, the Arid Lands Information Center (ALIC) purchased part of The Essential Electronic Agricultural Library (TEEAL) http://teeal.cornell.edu/ for the BDRP Library. TEEAL is a collaborative project of Cornell University’s Albert R. Mann Library, The Rockefeller Foundation, and leading scientific publishers. Available only to developing countries, this CD-ROM collection is updated annually and contains the full-text of more than 140 journals selected by 600 international scientists as the most essential to research and education in agriculture, environment and related subjects. Since the project did not have sufficient funding to purchase the complete TEEAL, ALIC bought the most recent coverage, the TEEAL 1998-2002 updates, for the BRDP Library. The 200 CD-ROM discs will substantially increase the research support capacity of the BRDP for years to come.



Casler, C.L.  2005. "One special library's international projects." Presented in Pre-conference workshop: Building digital library collections and services for libraries in the developing world, before IAALD XITH World Congress/USAIN Biennial Conference:  The Globalization of Information: Agriculture at the Crossroads , May, Lexington, Kentucky.


Support for this project came from the USDA Forest Service.